Summary: By leveraging Storyblocks, Vistaprint Digital is able to enrich its user-friendly website builder with high-quality creative assets that small businesses, non-profits, and independent entrepreneurs can use free of charge.

Using the Storyblocks library is the easiest way out there for anyone who needs to offer stock images in a product, and offers the greatest breadth of stock imagery. I can think of no reason why someone would use the alternative.
– Alex Mitchell, Senior Product Manager at Vistaprint Digital

The Client

Vistaprint Digital provides an online marketing suite geared towards helping small businesses and independent professionals establish and grow their digital presence and engage with customers. The platform provides intuitive websites, social media tools, email marketing, and local search all in one place.

The Goals

Known for providing a customizable online marketing platform that allows users to tailor websites, emails, and social media with different creative assets, Vistaprint Digital recognized the necessity of including searchable, high-quality stock imagery and photos as part of its platform.

The Challenge

Finding quality stock media assets that would easily integrate with the Vistaprint Digital platform while fitting into budgetary planning proved to be more challenging than expected. Prior to engaging with Storyblocks Enterprise, the brand experimented with buying stock graphics in batches to supplement its library. “We had accumulated close to five to ten thousand images from batch buying and found that a number of them were either low quality or out of date–especially photos with older technologies pictured,” said Alex Mitchell, a Sr. Product Manager. As a result, Vistaprint Digital had to treat those unusable images as a sunk cost.

Even if images could be used on the platform, the company faced the additional challenge of making the graphics searchable by its customers. Because of this elastic search function in the platform, Vistaprint Digital relies on the metadata attached to stock images to index and surface content for its users. However, it found that much of the metadata included in its batch image purchases was either incomplete or incorrect, resulting in a number of wrong image search results and frustrated feedback from customers.

The Storyblocks Solution

With Storyblocks, Vistaprint Digital found a reliable provider for high-quality stock imagery to easily integrate into its online marketing platform. The breadth of images available to them through Storyblocks’ constantly growing library quickly made the older and unusable batch-purchased stock graphics a thing of the past.

Yet the strength of the the Storyblocks library is only one of the reasons that the relationship between Vistaprint Digital and Storyblocks has prospered. Vistaprint Digital knows that it can rely on Storyblocks’ strong customer service and tailored account management. “The Storyblocks team is great to work with and incredibly accommodating,” Mitchell said. “We were impressed with how they came up with a custom solution to our needs when we realized that we needed more than a direct API call up to integrate with our platform.”

The Results

By leveraging Storyblocks, Vistaprint Digital has been able to greatly improve the quality and consistency of the stock creative assets they provide through their online marketing platform, driving ever increasing customer satisfaction. One of the many contributing factors to this satisfaction is how easily the Storyblocks library has integrated with Vistaprint Digital’s platform. With the metadata included in the images from Storyblocks, customer search query results for stock images have greatly improved.

“We keep an internal record of bad search results, such as searching for an image of a fox and getting pictures of squirrels instead,” noted Mitchell. “Before partnering with Storyblocks, the record was probably thirty to fifty entries long. Now it’s virtually nonexistent, and we’ve stopped getting frustrated calls from our customers.”

The high-quality and breadth of stock imagery coming from the Storyblocks library is another reason for their satisfaction. “Our customers are noticing the change in content now that we are using Storyblocks,” said Mitchell, “and they’re letting us know how thrilled they are.”


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