Summary: Moovly, an online multimedia storytelling platform, leverages the Storyblocks API to provide $15M worth of stock media to its over a million end-users.

Because of the flat fee model, we can seamlessly integrate Storyblocks’ stock media into our product offerings so our customers don’t lose valuable time on the individual purchasing process. This makes it very simple for our users.”
– Geert Coppens, CTO at Moovly

The Client

Moovly provides an easy to use online platform that enables everyone to create multimedia content. Their users create videos for sales and marketing, business, education, and freelance projects alike. With hundreds of thousands of pieces of content and a user-friendly interface, Moovly is democratizing multimedia storytelling for creators of all skill levels.

The Goals

Moovly is reimagining multimedia creation by offering an intuitive, cost-effective solution with a high-quality content selection so that users of all kinds can create with ease. Many of the existing multimedia editing/creation solutions require specialized expertise, training, and are costly—but Moovly believes that budget and technical savvy should not prohibit users from creating remarkable productions. Rather than approaching multimedia creation as a complex process, they are making it easier for everyday consumers to become digital storytellers without sacrificing quality.

The Challenge

Prior to integrating the Storyblocks API, Moovly offered media libraries created in-house, but soon found that these services could not scale to meet their rapidly growing customer base, which had an increasingly diverse set of content needs. Creating an overly complex commercial production services model ran counter to the company’s mission of making multimedia content creation affordable, intuitive, and simple.

Moovly realized the importance of providing users with libraries of pre-made graphics, sounds, and videos if they wanted to reduce the barriers to producing high-quality multimedia stories for their customers. The libraries are important because creators want to be able to really illustrate their stories, and they need stock materials if they cannot create themselves.

The Storyblocks Solution

With the Storyblocks API, Moovly can provide a broad set of multimedia content for their users. The variety of professional-quality videos, motion graphics, music, sound effects, photos, and illustrations provides endless possibilities for their end users while relieving the Moovly team of time consuming internal content creation. The size of the Storyblocks libraries is not the only reason for the strong partnership between Storyblocks and Moovly. By simply offering an easy-to-integrate and cost-effective API, Moovly could provide a substantial value to its users. After the teams prepared for putting everything in the right technical space, the integration process went smoothly.

The Results

Because of the simplicity of the Storyblocks API and its straight forward flat fee pricing model, Moovly could bundle access to vast stock media libraries into its product offerings. Now customers save valuable time during the creation process.

What I like the most is the ease of doing business together—from all interactions, it is always smooth, reliable, and straightforward communication. This gives us great hope for future possibilities working together. From a pure partner point of view, it is absolutely going very well.”
– Geert Coppens, CTO at Moovly
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