The Story of Storyblocks: A Letter from Our Founder

In 2009, I started a stock media company with a single vision: to provide premium creative content by creatives, for creatives. This idea grew into VideoBlocks, followed by the launch of GraphicStock, AudioBlocks, and subsequently our enterprise offering. Now, we’re launching our new image Marketplace with 10M images and bringing our expanding libraries and [...]

Digital Media is Changing, See What the Future Holds

Our lives may not look like the Jetsons or Back to the Future, but we are entering a new era for art and tech. Evolving technologies are changing the way our community creates and connects, pushing us beyond the limits of the analog years to a time when the average person can afford incredibly advanced creative [...]

5 Ways to Customize Stock Photos for Better Branding

Apple, Google, Microsoft. According to Forbes Magazine, these are today’s most powerful brands—but you already knew that. In fact, very few people would be surprised to learn that these brands are the most recognizable and valuable in the world. But what makes the greats, great anyway? Branding isn’t a catchy fruit-shaped logo, and Nike isn’t Nike [...]

Four Reasons to Connect Your Platform with Storyblocks’ API

Are you looking for new ways to add value to your digital media software platform? Or generate new revenue streams with a premium product offering? Or perhaps you’re looking to increase customer retention and engagement? Empowering your customers with pre-licensed and unwatermarked creative stock media via the Storyblocks API can be an efficient and versatile way [...]

Let Music Take Your Marketing Creative to the Next Level

Music has power to trigger emotions that is virtually unmatched. Music, therefore, is an essential element to marketing content, ultimately leveraging the effectiveness of a business’s content by cueing emotions and helping to set the audience’s expectations. Just as an infographic adds another dimension, a visual one, to a written piece of content, music adds yet [...]